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Play It Again, Jim – 2

May 6, 2015

The ‘Blue Smoke’ story, written for Audioculture.

Karaitiana QuintetteIf there is a “big bang” moment in New Zealand’s music history, it was made by the gentlest of melodies. For a delicate song, ‘Blue Smoke’ carries a lot of weight: it marks the real birth of New Zealand’s indigenous record industry. It was the first song written by a New Zealander to be recorded and manufactured in New Zealand – and released on a New Zealand record label. Most importantly for a pop song, it was a hit, a massive hit. Local sales topped 50,000 copies, and Dean Martin and other luminaries recorded cover versions.

More here at Audioculture

Pictured above: Jim Carter’s band, 1949 – as the Ruru Karaitiana Quintette they recorded ‘Blue Smoke’ with Pixie Williams. From left, Noel Robertson, Jim Carter, Gerry Hall and George Attridge, with Ruru Karaitiana conducting. (Robertson was the regular bassist; on the recording, Johnny McNeely played bass.)

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