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Specks and spots

November 25, 2014

Jim Warren to WaihekeLeft: Jamming with Auckland trumpet player Jim Warren on the ferry to Waiheke Island in the 1940s are Jim McAllum on guitar and Lloyd Sly on piano-accordion. They are on their way to Atwater’s annual picnic. Sly’s family founded the business Sly’s Pianos in 1914, and it still exists today. A multi-instrumentalist, Sly was most proficient on piano, organ, oboe, flute and piano-accordion; before the war he was a member of Epi Shalfoon’s band in Auckland.

l Blue Smoke was only possible thanks to the help and advice of two people: jazz archivist Dennis Huggard and trumpeter Jim Warren. I recently profiled Jim for Audioculture:

WITH A CAREER that spanned the 20th century, a natural ability to swing, and a great sense of humour, it’s no wonder that trumpeter Jim Warren is one of the most popular and respected musicians in the Auckland jazz scene.

At his 80th birthday – 16 years ago – his wife Madeline gave him a new trumpet. These days he gives his “lip” a rest, and prefers to play Duke Ellington standards on his upright piano.

Warren has a phenomenal memory and can recall bands playing in Auckland in the late 1920s: brass bands, soon to be followed by some of the earliest jazz bands in New Zealand. By the late 1930s he was playing jazz professionally, and he heard a visiting swing band. It was a revelation. Sammy Lee and His Americanadians showed him exactly the feel and force with which jazz should be played. More here at Audioculture

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