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C’mon, Let’s Go, it’s Happen Inn

May 2, 2012

imageNew Zealand On Screen have posted a portfolio of film and TV clips featuring local musicians onto its website. Among the offerings: clips from C’mon and behind the scenes at Let’s Go (both hosted byPete Sinclair, left) Popco, Lew Pryme with a blowfly in his peroxided hair, the complete Don’t Let It Get You musical, and Split Enz – with Phil Judd still in the band – performing ‘Spellbound’ live in the studio in 1975 for Grunt Machine. They asked me to write an introduction to the collection:

Music and television have often been uneasy bedfellows, with conflicting agendas, but from the moment the medium first launched in New Zealand, music was part of the programme. In 1950 Philips made an experimental closed-circuit broadcast in Auckland, and among the cast – alongside radio’s Aunt Daisy and some animals from the zoo – was jazz pianist Nancy Harrie.

In 1959, the New Zealand columnist for the Australian Music Maker worried, "The big question for this year is: how will TV affect musicians?" [more here]

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