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Radio quiz

March 23, 2011

2ZB radio choir or bandA choir rather than a band, performing at 2ZB Wellington, c. 1939. The conductor is  H. Gladstone Hill, who ran the Bohemian Male Voice Choir in 1939-40 which was in demand for concerts and radio broadcasts. It seems that the choir probably came to an end about 1940, when Hill became leader of the RNZAF band. Any other clues?

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  1. John Shears permalink
    March 26, 2011 9:49 am

    Hi Chris,
    Anyone less Bohemian than Gladstone Hill I can’t inagine. Great bit of research. I remember the Air Force Band, they came to Timaru and I was a 3rd Cornet in the school band. I seem to remember that we played ‘Sons of The Brave’ for them while the respective 3rd stood behind us, very daunting.

    I next met up with Gladstone in the 50s in Karori, he started a local paper, the Karori News, and I and another member of the local businessmen’s asociation were nominal shareholders of his little company and helped with the running of the paper.

    That was also my first and only taste of journalism. I also wrote a gossip column as Mole with reference to Enid Blyton and the Tunnel into Karori and supplied the “fill-in pars” – an essential of papers in those days.

    Thanks for the memory, sorry can’t recognise any of the other members



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