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Are you ready for Freddy

December 12, 2010

Freddy MorganJim Warren is a legendary Auckland trumpet player who provided the book with stories, photos, fact-checking – and lots of laughter. He has come up with the answer to something that’s been nagging me. On page 319 is an unnamed banjo player at the Monde Marie folk club in Wellington. He has an outrageous fringe; the hair is possibly a rug, but perhaps he just went to the Three Stooges’ barber. Jim writes: 

It’s Freddy Morgan. He visited here years ago in a vaudeville show. He had played for Spike Jones and in addition to being a virtuoso banjo player was one of the funniest men I have ever seen. He had the funniest face and wore his hair in a fringe. One of his gag lines was “if you’ll pardon the expression.”

Morgan had a hit called “Hey, Mr Banjo!” A recording can be heard here – at your own risk – via this website, where someone from New Zealand writes to say that Morgan was “A great Player of the old style on Tenor banjo, Std and Uke. Saw him at his show, St James theatre in Wellington, New Zealand circa 1959-60. Did the full show to a full house, one man, one night, one memory of a lifetime.”

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  1. Joe Wylie permalink
    December 13, 2010 7:26 pm

    Apart from Hey Mister Banjo, Freddy Morgan had a hit with I Love You Fair Dinkum (dinky-di I do), around 1955. While it was covered by Danny Kaye and others, Freddy Morgan is generally credited as the writer.

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